Life is about thriving no just merely surviving. Surviving is having a job and earning money to pay your bills- just getting by.  Thriving is about JOY- RELATIONSHIPS- GRATITUDE- CREATIVITY- BELIEF- PASSION. It is having meaning in everything you do. Studio Thrive is committed to the physical, mental, and spiritual health of all members. We encourage members to thrive in their personal lives as well as the community. 

Volunteer opportunities

Studio Thrive believes it is important to give back to the community. Research shows that volunteering leads to better health. In fact, those who volunteer say they have lower stress levels as well as feel better physically, mentally and emotionally when compared to those who do not volunteer. There will be an organized volunteer event for members to be a part of. 

If your organization has a community service opportunity or needs volunteers, please contact

Wellness Education Workshops

Take advantage of our FREE  wellness education workshops. We use fun, interactive methods to teach you about fitness, nutrition, stress management, and other aspects of health and well-being that can impact your physical, social, and emotional health. You do not need to be a member of Studio Thrive to attend. 


Engaging in physical activity with family and friends can be a fun way to get everyone moving! Fit outings are a time to try something new or just a way to stay active and have fun. Enjoy actives such as participating in a 5k, hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, bowling, and more! Members are encouraged to invite your family and friends to join us for our fit outings.

Have a fit outing idea? Please contact